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For Renters

General support

You can call one of the following for more information and assistance.

Legal assistance for renters

If you need more legal help than this site can provide, you should contact your local legal aid provider for assistance.

For Landlords


Before hiring a contractor to complete repairs, make sure they are licensed in your city to do the kind of work you are hiring them for. Most contractors must be licensed at the local level. If your city’s search is not listed below, you should look online for your city’s contractor license search.

Building Codes

Landlords must follow all building codes. Building codes are determined by the city or county your rental property is located in. If your city is not listed below, search for the building code office in your city for more information.


Before spending time and money to go to court, consider hiring a mediator to resolve the issue with your renter. Mediators are impartial and trained to help landlords and renters resolve issues quickly.