Third Letter

Remind your landlord what day you will be moving out and ending your lease early

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If a landlord has repeatedly not responded or never started fixing the issue, you can end your lease early and move out. There is a specific timeline you must follow to end your lease legally.

What do I have to do before moving out?

You should make sure you have already told your landlord about the issue in writing by sending them the first letter and second letter. You can use our free forms to send these letters to your landlord. The third letter is optional, but recommended.

What does this third letter say?

The third letter reminds your landlord what day you are moving out and ending your lease.

How to Send a Letter

Landlords can require in the lease that renters communicate with them in a specific way. They may ask renters to use a website, online “portal”, email, or text message.

  1. Check the lease. If a lease says renters must communicate in a specific way, you should use that method.
  2. If the landlord does not specify in the lease, you should communicate the way you have in the past.
  3. If you have not communicated with your landlord in the past, you can send your letter
  • In an e-mail
  • With certified mail or USPS first class
  • Hand-deliver the letter to the landlord or property manager’s business office

What's next?

That's it! Once you've sent this third letter, you can move out and end your lease on the day you told your landlord in your last letter.