Rental Safety Check

First, we'll check if your rental home has a safety issue.
Then, we'll see if the landlord is responsible for fixing it.

  • Serious mold caused by dampness that impacts your health or safety (this does not include minor mold in places you would expect, such as in bathrooms)

  • A refrigerator, stove, or oven is broken (this applies to appliances that were there when the renter moved in or that the landlord agreed to provide)

  • Dampness that impacts your health or safety

  • Walls or roof that are letting in the weather or not maintained

  • Broken windows or doors

  • Missing or broken locks on doors or windows that lead outside

  • Plumbing issues

  • Gas issues

  • No running water

  • Little or no hot water

  • Heating issues

  • Lighting or electrical issues

  • Shared areas (like a lobby, yard, or garage) are not clean or have garbage

  • Your home or shared areas (like a lobby, yard, or garage) have pests like rats or bugs

  • Not enough outside trash cans or dumpsters

  • Floors, stairways, or railings are broken

  • Other serious health and safety code violations

  • Other issues that make your home unsafe